Website Design

Website design for book authors, children book authors and artists.

As an Artist + Children’s Author, I know how important it is to have a a clear, concise, easy-to-navigate website to showcase my work.

So, I decided to start offering this service to fellow artists and authors.

I will create you simple and engaging website.

Whether you are an artist, author and children's author, you need a website designed to showcase your art or books and connect with your audience, or your young readers and their parents.

Here's what I offer:

Custom Design: I'll create an engaging and user-friendly website that reflects your brand and captures the essence of your books or art  

Author or Artist Bio and Book/Art Links: I'll include sections where you can introduce yourself, highlight your art/books, and provide links to purchase them. 

Blog or News Section: You can share updates, events, and other information through a dedicated blog or news section.

Contact and Social Media Integration: I'll ensure easy contact and integrate your social media profiles for better engagement.

Mobile-Friendly and SEO Optimised: The website will work well on mobile devices and be optimised for search engines.

Additional Services:

Ongoing Support: I can provide ongoing maintenance and support for your website. 

Copywriting and images: I can provide engaging copy and images for your website.

E-commerce / Online Shop: I can create a website with shopfronts for selling books or artwork  

Allow me to create a captivating website that helps you connect with young readers, promote your books or art, and share your love for storytelling and creating!

Contact me below and let’s chat!