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If Penguins Wore Pants

If Penguins Wore Pants

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A wildly entertaining animal rhyme!  

In a world where Penguins wear pants, animals would behave like people and nothing else would be quite right. If Penguins Wore Pants is an entertaining, rhyming book about a world that is upside down & inside out!

Who would you be if Penguins wore pants? Open the book and let's find out!

Written and Illustrated by celebrated Australian Artist + Author, Michelle Macnamara, If Penguins Wore Pants is a fun and light-hearted rhyming book for Children aged 0-6. The colourful illustrations will delight your baby or toddler and the fun, lyrical words will endlessly entertain your pre-schoolers!

Keeping your child hooked from start to finish, If Penguins Wore Pants delivers a subtle message to be happy and accepting of who you are, not wishing things to be different.

Written + Illustrated by Michelle Macnamara 

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A series for those with baby brain or just babies on the brain. Great gift idea for new mums!


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