'Northern Exposure' series

'Northern Exposure' series

I heard someone say, "so inappropriate for a cafe, can you believe they would hang that"....

I worked in that cafe making coffee at the time that some of these pieces were hanging. My boss let me put them up for sale. It was around then when I realised that Byron Bay was actually quite conservative. Anyone would think they had never seen bare breasts before, all they had to do was walk a few hundred metres to the beach.

My work has always surprised people though. Some say "that's different" or "i like it but couldn't have it in my house"

Some people don't say anything.

Some are desperate for me to explain, "why did you paint it? What does it mean?"

Sometimes I think that I don't explain my work just to annoy the people who are so desperate to know what it's all about.

I could be nicer. But I probably won't.

Michelle :)

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